Leveraging the collective wisdom of our community to drive better risk management outcomes.

Our Story

Learn more about RANE and our network-based approach to risk management

RANE is an information and advisory services company that connects business leaders to critical risk insights and expertise, enabling risk and security professionals to more efficiently address their most pressing challenges and deliver better risk management outcomes.

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Our Community

Connecting members to critical risk insights and expertise

RANE connects risk and security professionals from leading financial institutions, corporations, law firms, and family offices across all industries with a global network comprised of thousands of professionals from the world’s top risk management firms, specialized independent practices, and select software/ product companies.

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Meet our management team and board of directors

Our collaborative and diverse approach to risk management is reflected in our management, board, and advisors, all bringing years of experience in government, law enforcement, business, technology, legal, media and communications, academia, health, medicine, science, and humanitarian services.

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Sharing best practices and practical strategies

RANE provides a unique platform for peer and expert collaboration through exclusive knowledge-sharing events. Expert speakers share analysis, best practices, and actionable strategies for addressing emerging risks.

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Keep track of what’s happening at RANE with the latest news and media coverage
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See our open positions and learn more about joining our team
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