Our Story

Global exposures have dramatically increased in intensity and scale, posing critical challenges for even the most sophisticated risk management programs. The market for risk management information and services is also highly fragmented, compounding the difficulty of finding critical resources and limiting access to information on emerging threats.

An Inefficient Market

With no efficient way to monitor the market and no systemic way to source and share information, useful insights are often lost in information overload. Coupled with a fragmented supplier market and limited transparency on pricing, identifying the most qualified expertise is difficult.

As a result, enterprises often manage risk reactively with overextended resources or a reliance on incomplete or dated networks, limiting their ability to anticipate emerging threats and requiring significant time and effort to find the answers they need.

RANE’s Mission

RANE was formed to address this dysfunction in the marketplace in an independent and unbiased manner. We connect business leaders to critical insights and expertise to enable better risk management outcomes.

Our network-based approach results in improved situational awareness of emerging risks and threats, more efficient access to relevant risk information and expertise, and better outcomes in advance, in response, and in repair.