Cybersecurity Puts Managed Services Industry at a Crossroads: RANE Network SME Weighs In

MSP software vendor ConnectWise’s annual IT Nation Connect event revealed the pressures managed service providers are under to transition to advanced cybersecurity. RANE Network Executive Director and Subject Matter Expert, Denny Watson, weighed in on this article recently published by TechTarget.

Watson noted that the Trump administration has leveled “more sanctions on more entities and sectors and countries than the previous administrations have,” and, as these sanctions take hold and increasingly “bite,” the governments or individuals living in sanctioned countries may become more desperate and, thereby, incentivized to turn to cybercrime. She added that global unrest — as seen in Hong Kong; Catalonia, Spain; much of Latin America; the European Union; and elsewhere — adds to the likelihood of cybercrime expanding. “In that unrest, you have ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots,’ and you have a whole lot of malware out there that is easy and cheap to access, and they are going to start targeting more and more places.”

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