Expert Marketplace

RANE augments our clients’ existing resources by connecting them directly to experts and service providers in our extensive global network, helping to prepare for exposures in advance, in response, and in repair.

Save time and effort 

with a fast response for locating the right resource with the right expertise from an up-to-date global network of risk experts.

Identify the optimal candidates

for projects, leveraging our knowledge of the experts’ capabilities, qualitative factors from RANE’s community, and your particular needs and budget.

Efficient procurement

of third party vendors and suppliers, with transparency into how these services are priced and delivered.


RANE experts have the deep knowledge and real world experience that drive better outcomes for our clients’ most pressing risk challenges. RANE’s risk taxonomy classifies experts and content into these six major categories.


RANE puts experts through a comprehensive credentialing process, providing you peace of mind in knowing that RANE experts have a demonstrated reputation for service and integrity.

Network-based validation and feedback
on prior engagements from clients

15-year global negative news check
across 10,000+ media sources

Check across 500+ law enforcement
and regulatory watch lists for criminal activity, exclusions,
debarments, disciplinary actions, sanctions

Risk-based verification of
licenses, employment, educational background,
and stated expertise

Daily, ongoing monitoring
for negative news and issues


Access to Expert Marketplace helps client to efficiently respond to risk issues


Retail client experienced a cyber breach right before the busy holiday shopping season.


RANE connected company to a cyber expert who consulted on immediate steps to secure their network and steps to strengthen their cyber policies and procedures.


Quickly found the right expertise, saving them time, money, and effort.