Risk Intelligence

RANE members receive exclusive access to curated network intelligence, knowledge-sharing events, and our global directory of risk experts and service providers.

Smart Curation of Critical Risk News & Market Information

RANE organizes actionable insights from the collective wisdom of our community into a searchable database of content across a broad range of risk topics. This network intelligence helps members benchmark their programs against peers’, monitor relevant threats, and take a more proactive approach to mitigation and preparation.

  • Curated Network Intelligence tracks and highlights specific insights from across the community with daily, weekly, and monthly reports
  • Community-Enabled Proprietary Content, including exclusive interviews, surveys, threat advisories, commentaries, checklists, research, and event summaries

Access to a Global Network of Leading Experts

With access to a searchable directory of risk experts and service providers, RANE members can connect with leading experts to extend their professional network and efficiently find the specific help they need. Select an expert with confidence, knowing RANE experts have been credentialed and vetted for quality and integrity.

  • In-depth profiles of leading firms and experts, all credentialed by RANE
  • Research analysts assist with expert search, provide relevant network intelligence, and conduct research on specific risk issues

Knowledge-Sharing Events Featuring Experts from Our Network

RANE provides opportunities for peer and expert collaboration through exclusive events featuring RANE’s leading experts in risk management. Speakers share insights, best practices, and actionable strategies to better respond to the evolving risk landscape. A diverse set of perspectives provides members with a holistic view from both the public and private sectors.

  • Knowledge-sharing events and exclusive briefing sessions with experts that address the evolving risk landscape and emerging threats
  • Practical perspectives on emerging risk issues from top experts in their fields across a wide range of industries and disciplines.

“The field of security has become central to how we manage business risk. RANE provides needed guidance, answers, and help, supporting us in evaluating risks in everything we do. Add them to your team – the payback will be immediate.”

Aron Stern, Chief Administration Officer, Vital Therapies