RANE Use Case: Computer forensic review and audit of electronic storage

Inquiry: A private equity firm requested computer forensic review and audit of electronic storage and messages to assess potential for a breach or compromise at client’s international office location.

Solution:  RANE facilitated forensic review and audit of electronic communications and deleted information and provided a written assessment, summarizing the outcome of the audit. The review included network analysis and IT security endpoint review to uncover covert video or audio recording devices in office locations and identify recording devices potentially transmitting information via radio frequency.

Result: RANE oversaw a comprehensive, on-site review of the client’s servers for the presence of remote access or store and forward type data intercept technologies or other form of compromise or vulnerability. Review included analysis of running, dormant, or inactive threats, including identification of any potential external command and control sites. RANE also oversaw TSCM efforts, to search for surveillance devices; a baseline analysis of the RF spectrum for the detection of illicit radio transmissions; validation of all legitimate, and illegitimate, proximate RF transmission sources; and assessment of wiring closet and wiring infrastructure, including all termination points for devices. Following completion of the on-site review and TSCM, RANE’s client received validation that no breach had occurred, as well as recommendations for increasing the office’s overall security posture.

RANE helps cybersecurity teams keep pace with rapidly advancing technology and emerging threats, as well as integrating resiliency strategies and mitigation tactics for cyber threat prevention, detection, and response.

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