Sizing Up Your Cyberrisks

Over the past decade, the costs and consequences of cyberbreaches have grown alarmingly. The total financial and economic losses from the 2017 WannaCry attack, for instance, were estimated to reach $8 billion. In 2018, Marriott discovered that a breach of its Starwood subsidiary’s reservation system had potentially exposed the personal and credit-card information of 500 million guests. Hackers seem to keep getting more effective. But in our experience as consultants to clients across the globe, we’ve found another reason that companies are so susceptible to threats from hacking: They don’t know or understand their critical cyberrisks, because they’re too focused on their technological vulnerabilities.

RANE Expert Thomas Parenty of Archefact Group’s recently published book on this topic, ‘A Leader’s Guide to Cybersecurity and How to Do It’, is currently being shipped globally for release on Dec. 3rd 2019. The book has been featured in the HBR.

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