Cyber + Information

RANE helps cybersecurity teams keep pace with rapidly advancing technology and emerging threats, as well as integrating resiliency strategies and mitigation tactics for cyber threat prevention, detection, and response.


Cost-effective sourcing of experts that augment your existing network and can assist in establishing cyber resilience with services that include cybersecurity assessments, incident response policies and practices, employee and board cyber training, and implementation of new technologies.

Improved situational awareness through “smart curation” of relevant content on security trends and technologies, risk mitigation best practices, and insights into emerging threats.

Oversight and project management support for larger-scale initiatives from RANE’s subject matter experts, with help in sifting through the complex vendor landscape to find the right expertise for your particular matter.


Cybersecurity assessment

Cybersecurity/data security policy review

Board Presentations

Incident Response – Playbook/Tabletop simulation/Retainer Provider/Digital Forensics

Technical assessments – pen testing, vulnerability testing, application testing

Cyber staffing/Fractional CISO

Transactional cyber due diligence

Cyber Awareness/Phishing Training

Data Management/privacy

Third Party Cyber Assessments


Access to Expert Marketplace helps client to efficiently respond to risk issues


Retail client experienced a cyber breach right before the busy holiday shopping season.


RANE connected company to a cyber expert who consulted on immediate steps to secure their network and on a project to strengthen their cyber policies and procedures.


Quickly found the right expertise, saving them time, money, and effort.

“As a trusted cybersecurity expert in RANE’s network, Domain5 has experienced first-hand how thoroughly RANE vets its network experts and the diligence RANE puts forth to understand their clients’ needs and match them with right expert companies.”

Lonny Anderson, Executive Vice President of Domain5