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Jun 23, 2021 12:00 PM

RANE Virtual Briefing Session Active Shooter: Preparedness and Response

Join your peers for a focused discussion on a topic of critical importance to many individuals and organizations. Led by a seasoned security professional, Brian W. Lynch, this virtual session will provide a proactive “how-to” guide on preparing for and responding to an active shooter situation.

Active shooter situations continue to increase, underscoring the critical importance of physical safety in the workplace as well as in venues outside of the workplace. As we have all seen, incidents now occur at a wide variety of locations, from business establishments like shopping malls, food stores, theaters, restaurants and bars to public parks, military bases, and college campuses.

Building a training program will provide the necessary information to your employees so they know what to do should they find themselves in a life-threatening, active shooter situation. Many companies are being asked, and, in fact, sometimes being demanded, to provide this training by their employees.

In this session, you’ll hear recommendations for mitigating the risks from active shooter situations, ways to improve both your organization’s and employees’ safety and preparedness, and some best practices to consider in making yourself safer in these types of incidents.

Brian Lynch
Executive Director, Safety & Security, RANE


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